There’s no limit to
Imelda’s imagination

There’s no limit to
Imelda’s imagination

Her food nourishes people;
Her prayer is to nourish people’s souls

Imelda Hartley’s book, “La Guerrera de Dios”, narrates my personal life story. It is about my fight and my success.


Authentic, Organic Tamales made with the freshest ingredients for every palate.
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Sweet Life



Making Happy Tamales to Make a Difference

Imelda Happy Tamales was born from hope, bravery, and a lot of hard work.
It all started with a dream and a tireless, courageous woman named Imelda Hartley.

Hispanic and woman-owned, Imelda Happy Tamales & Mexican Food is a delicious Mexican ghost kitchen located in Phoenix, Arizona. But its authentic, homemade Mexican food is only the tip of the iceberg of everything this business represents.

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Are you planning a special event and looking for delicious and authentic tamales to serve?
Look no further! Imelda is here to help make your event a success.

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